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ASTM B776, UNS R02001

Available in Roundbars,Wires,Sheets,Plates,Welding rods.


Hafnium is a ductile metal with a brilliant silver lustre. It is found in all minerals containing zirconium. These two metals show greater similarities in properties than between any other metals in the periodic table, and hence are difficult to separate. Hafnium shows good absorption for thermal neutrons, is very corrosion resistant and has impressive mechanical properties.

Chemically properties of hafnium is nearly identical to its Group 4 neighbour, zirconium, and preparation of either element is nearly impossible without having traces of the other, 

The physical properties of Hafnium are affected by the zirconium impurities. These two elements are contained in zirconium ores at a ratio of about 50 to 1, and zirconium is difficult to separate from zirconium due to their chemical similarity. SAM's Hafnium metal products are all more than 99.50% pure.

we are importers,stockiest and suppliers of Hafnium sheets,plates,foils,roundbars,wires and weldingrods in india.

Hafnium alloys Metal Applications.:

Nuclear Power

Turbine Blades

Gas Pipelines

Automobile Components


Hafnium alloys Metal Availablity :
Shapes: foil, sheet, strip, plate, roundbars, wire, etc.;

Other relevant :

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