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inconel 600,625,601,690,660,718,783,617,x-750 High nickle alloys for aerospace industrial application.

Heatresistance & Hightemprature alloys Availables

Available in Roundbars,Wires,Sheets,Plates,Welding rods.


Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steels, Nickel Copper Alloys, Nickel Chromium Alloys, Low Expansion Alloys and Magnetic Alloys.

Inconel Alloys or are highly engineered to offer a superior combination of high temperature corrosion resistance, toughness , heat resistance and strength and for the most demanding applications.Inconel is a family of austenite nickel-chromium-based superalloys. as we are well known as forged & rolled High nickle alloys sheets and roundbars.

High Nickel Alloys & Superalloys : This group of alloys are used for their outstanding corrosion and high temperature resistance.  Many are metallurgically related to the austenitic stainless steels but are much more highly alloyed, particularly with nickel, chromium and molybdenum in order to enhance their corrosion resistance.  These alloys are used resist extremely corrosive conditions in the energy, power, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Nickel is an element. It cannot be created nor destroyed. Its attributes - corrosion resistance, high-temperature stability, strength, ductility, toughness, recyclability, as well as catalytic and electromagnetic properties help achieve sustainability. Nickel in its various forms is often unseen, yet it plays hundreds of roles in thousands of products and applications we use every day.


(UNS N06002) Ni 47.5, Cr 21.8, Fe 18.5, Mo 9.0 
Excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance to 2200°F. Excellent forming and welding characteristics. Resistance to oxidizing, reducing, and neutral atmospheres. Resistant to SCC in petrochemical applications. Good ductility after prolonged service temperatures of 1200, through 1600°F for 16,000 hours. Gas turbine combustion cans and ducting, heat-treating equipment, spray bars, flame holders, furnace rolls, furnace baffles, and flash drier components.

INCONEL ® Alloy 625

(UNS N06625) Ni 61.0, Cr 21.5 Mo 9.0, Nb+Ta 3.6 
High strength and toughness from cryogenic temperatures to 1800 degrees F (980 degrees C), good oxidation resistance, exceptional fatigue strength, and good corrosion resistance. 
Chemical and pollution control equipment, ash pit seals, nuclear reactors, marine equipment, ducting, thrust reverser assemblies, fuel nozzles, afterburners, spray bars.

INCONEL ® Alloy 718

(UNS N07718) Ni 52.5, Cr 19.0 Fe 18.5 Mo 3.0 Nb+Ta 3.6 
Excellent strength from -423 degrees F to 1300 degrees F (-253 degrees C to 705 degrees C). Age hardenable and may be welded in fully aged condition, Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1800 degrees F (980 degrees C). Jet engines, pump bodies and parts, rocket motors and thrust reversers, nuclear fuel element spacers, hot extrusion tooling.

INCONEL ® Alloy 600

(UNS N06600) Ni 76.0, Cr 15.5, Fe 8.0 
High nickel, high chromium content for resistance to oxidizing and reducing environments; for severely corrosive environments at elevated temperatures. Good oxidation resistance to 2150°F. Good formability. Furnace muffles, electronic components, chemical and food processing equipment, heat treating equipment, nuclear steam generator tubing.

INCONEL ® Alloy 601

(UNS N06601) Ni 61 Cr 23 C 0.10 Mn 1.0 Al 1.4 Fe Bal S 0.015 Si 0.5 
Nickel, higher chromium content for better resistance to oxidizing and reducing environments; for severely corrosive environments at elevated temperatures. Good oxidation resistance to 2200°F. Good formability. Instrument probes, furnace muffles, electronic components, chemical and food processing equipment, heat treating equipment, nuclear steam generator tubing.

INCOLOY ® Alloy 800H/HT

(UNS N08810/N08811) Fe base, Ni 32, Cr 21, Mn 1.5, Ti-Al strengthened. 
800H/HT is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy having the same basic composition as Alloy 800 but with significantly higher creep rupture strength. Exhibits excellent resistance to carburization, oxidation and nitriding atmospheres. The alloy is dual certified and combines the properties of both forms.

HAYNES ® Alloy 25 (L605)

(UNS R30605) Co 50.0, Cr 20.0, W 15.0, Ni 10.0, Fe 3.0 Mn 1.5 
Excellent strength for continuous service to 1800°F. Oxidation and carburization resistance to 1900°F. Galling resistant, with resistance to marine environments, acids and body fluids. Non-magnetic, even when severely cold reduced, can reach Rc 50 when cold reduced and aged. Resistant to hydrochloric and nitric acid at certain concentrations and temperatures, and wet chlorine environments at room temperature. 
Gas turbine engine components : combustion chambers, and afterburners. Other uses also include :high temperature ball bearing service, springs, and heart valves.


(Alloy 218) (UNS S21800) Fe 63, Cr 17, Mn 8, Ni 8.5, Si 4, N 0.13 
High strength fully Austenitic alloy that resists galling and wear. Significantly lower cost to extend part life and lower maintenance. The yield strength is twice that of 304 and 316 stainless steels, in the annealed condition. Tensile strengths can be produced in excess of 200 ksi. Chloride pitting is superior to that of type 316, and the oxidation resistance is similar to type 321 at elevated temperatures, and excellent cryogenic impact strength. 
Valve stems, seats, and trim; fastening systems, screening, pins, bushings, roller bearings, pump shafts and rings. Food handling, medical, automotive, aerospace and nuclear.

Inconel strength

Inconel retains strength over a wide temperature range, attractive for high temperature applications where aluminum and steel would succumb to creep as a result of thermally induced crystal vacancies. Inconel’s high temperature strength is developed by solid solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening, depending on the alloy.highnickle alloys manufacturers

Commercially pure nickel.
Ni-Cu alloys,
Ni-Mo alloys,
Ni-Cr-Mo alloys and
Ni-Cr-Fe-(Mo) alloys.

Classifcation of nickle & nickle alloys.

Nickel : Pure nickel (99.56%) | Commercially pure nickel (wrought) 99.6–99.7%.

Nickel and copper : Low nickel alloys (2–13% Ni) | Cupronickel (10–30% Ni)

Non-magnetic alloys (~60% Ni)High nickel alloys (over 50% Ni)

Nickel and iron : Wrought alloys steels (0.5–9% Ni) Cast alloy steels (0.5–0.9% Ni) | Alloy cast iron

Iron-nickel and chromium alloys : Stainless steels (2–25% Ni) | Maraging steels (18% Ni)

Nickel-chromium-molybdenum and iron-nickel base : precipitation hardened alloys.

Inconel alloy avilable in which form ?

sheets | plates | coils |strips | foils | roundbars |wires | welding wires | weldingrods | filler wires | pipes | fittings | fastners | flanges | flats .

What are the characteristics of Inconel Alloy Products

  • Good mechanical properties – tensile, fatigue and creep-rupture
  • Yield tensile strength, creep, and rupture strength properties are exceedingly high
  • Highly resistant to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistant to aqueous corrosion and chloride ion stress corrosion cracking
  • High temperature resistant
  • Age-hardenable with a unique property of slow aging response that permits heating and cooling during annealing without the danger of cracking.
  • Excellent welding characteristics, resistant to postweld age cracking

Inconel Alloys PipesInconel Alloys Tubes, Inconel Alloys Plates, Inconel Alloys Sheets, Inconel Alloys Chequered Plates, Inconel Alloys Coil, Inconel Alloys Bars, Inconel Alloys Wires, Inconel Alloys Blocks, Inconel Alloys Angle, Inconel Alloys Channel, Inconel Alloys Flats, Inconel Alloys Buttweld Fittings, Inconel Alloys Forged Fittings,

These nickel chromium base alloys are used extensively in applications where heat resistance and/or corrosion resistance is required. In some members of the group, where conditions are less demanding, some nickel is replaced by iron to decrease the overall cost.

Metals fail at high temperatures by both oxidation (scaling) and through a loss in strength. Alloys in this class are designed to resist failure from both of these mechanisms. Nickel alloys are not suitable for high temperature sulphur rich environments.

Where corrosion resistance is significant, molybdenum is used as an alloying addition in nickel chromium based alloys. This group of alloys are frequently sold under trade name specifications but most are listed in the Unified Numbering System.

Common trade names are 


The more recentnickel chromium base alloys in these groups also have a wide range of ancillary elements added to give special properties - some of these can be quite complicated and require very close control over composition and heat treatment.

Usefull information

Corrosion can be a very complex phenomenon. Often certain constituents of the process fluid are present in such low quantities that their presence is not even stated (such as chlorides).

They can make a more serious contribution to corrosion than the major constituents. This is particularly true when there are additional features present, such as heat transfer, mechanical crevices or deposits, etc.which can provide a mechanism for concentration of these apparently minor constituents to higher levels. For such reasons, in the space of one chapter, it is not easy and would almost certainly be misleading to attempt, to provide comprehensive data for all applications.

Reputable alloy manufacturers have no wish that their alloys are put into unsuitable applications and are always willing to provide free advice about materials to combat specific corrosive environments. It is recommended that they should be consulted.


HASTELLOY,  HAYNES and C-22 are registered trade names of Haynes International, Inc. 
MONEL & INCONEL are registered trade names of INCO family of companies. 
NITRONIC is a registered trade name of Armco, Inc. 
CARPENTER & 20Cb-3 are registered trade names of Carpenter Technology Corporation. 
FERRALIUM is a registered trade name of Langley Alloys, LTD.

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