Our Products Application Industries

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services possible. This is why we have a client-centric approach. We are suppliers of Steel's bars, fittings, flanges and pipes, as well as mechanical seals. We supply and export our products to the following industries:

We are basically Suppliers of Steel's Bars, Fittings, Flanges, Pipes,Valves, Mechanical Seals Etc. Our products are Mostly supplied & Export to Industries like:

 Aviation and aerospace

 Motor sports

 Defence technology

 Medical technology

 Offshore / Petrochemical

 Chemical and process engineering

 Plant and equipment manufacturing

 Electroplating

 Turbine manufacturing

 Marine engineering

 Energy industry

 Automotive industry

 Universities and research institutes

 Engineering and Construction

 Chemical industry

 Cement Plants 

 Defence

 Drilling and Well Building,

 Dairy & Food Industries

 Fertilizer

 Heat Exchangers

 Instrumentation

 Nuclear Power

 Oil and Gas Industry

 Pharmaceutical Industry & biochemistry

 Petro Chemicals

 Power Plants

 Ship Building Industry

 Water Treatment Plants

 and All Major Industries